What is the Hope for Students movement?

Imagine an America where all God’s children have access to an amazing education, regardless of the zip code they live in, money their parents make, or color of their skin. Unfortunately, we're falling short of this promise. As people of faith we are uniquely positioned and urgently called to respond.
Hope for Students is the nation’s largest movement of people of faith committed to shining a light on education inequality through prayer, service and advocacy. We’re partnering with churches, inspirational leaders, powerful culture-makers like Kirk Franklin and people just like YOU. This movement is for anyone committed to bringing an end to the extreme disparities in our nation’s public schools. 

What is educational inequality, and how does it effect our kids?

Our public schools are supposed to be places that help prepare ALL of our kids to achieve their God-given potential. Some of our public schools are doing this incredibly well: amazing teachers, challenging classes, high graduation rates, preparing students for college and beyond. But for students growing up in poverty—often attending schools less than a zip code away—public education looks a whole lot different. Low expectations. High dropout rates. Children unprepared to achieve their dreams. It's a tale of two public school systems, where the zip code you're born into often determines your destiny.

Here are a couple of facts to consider, and a bit of historical context. More than 60 years after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down segregated public schools as “inherently unequal”, our nation's schools are still divided by race and classandradically unequal. A recent report found that 16% of public schools have high concentrations of poor and black or Hispanic students, up from 9% at the start of the millennium. Low-income children are already three grade levels behind their peers in wealthier communities by the time they reach fourth grade. Only half graduate high school and 1 in 10 of them finish college. 
It doesn’t have to be this way. A child's zip code shouldn't equal their destiny. 

What can I do to make a difference on this issue?

There are more than 300,000 churches in America, compared to 50,000 high poverty public schools.
Hope for Students believes that no school should be under-resourced, no student should be without quality teachers or caring mentors, and no public policy that affects their life should go unexamined in places where there are thriving communities of faith. Do you agree? It's easy to join the movement. 
You can start by downloading this FREE e-book. Inside you'll learn more about the movement, get our "best of" list of TED Talks on education inequality, and resources to help you spread the word. Hope for Students is about giving everyone a place to start. You don’t need to understand everything, or have all the answers. You just need to make a commitment to understand more. We're here to help you do that.