Press Release: Weakening student civil rights protections will “put students of color at increased risk of discrimination”


Press Release: Weakening student civil rights protections will “put students of color at increased risk of discrimination”

“We believe punishing black and white students differently for the same behavior is the very definition of institutional racism,” says Nicole Baker Fulgham, founder of the Hope for Students movement, in response to reports that U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will repeal school discipline rules aimed at protecting students from discriminatory discipline.

“Repealing well established student civil rights protections as a part of a broader set of school safety recommendations expected to be released soon will put students of color at increased risk of discrimination.

Given our nation’s complicated history with public education and race it’s troubling that the Department of Education would choose to forgo its essential role as student civil rights guardian and refuse to uphold one of the most sacred principles at the heart of our public education system: the right of every student to a high quality education regardless of the color of their skin.

As followers of Christ, united by the belief that every child is created in the image of God and equally worthy of a world class education, we condemn any moves to weaken these student protections in the strongest possible terms.

We grieve alongside students and families who have been harmed by discrimination in our schools and commit ourselves to continuing the struggle at Federal, state and local levels to ensure the rights of our nation’s most vulnerable are upheld.”


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  • Ethel McNeal

    You, ms, education secretary has just solidified our belief that you are definitely a RACIST, proud of it and not trying to hide the FACT!! You have just earned the right to be investigated and fired!

  • Althea Schaneen

    I support the hope for student pledge that ALL MAN ARE CREATED EQUAL UNDER GOD AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH.

  • Wesley L. Henderson

    There’s a Reckoning coming for this Wicked Behavior of #45 Adminisration.

  • Monique Agudio

    All students are God’s children and should be treated the same when it comes to school disciplines. Instead, higher education, such as Suny will overlook inappropriate behavior of white students but try to culturally humiliate black student for behaving the same. Then what is more outrageous is they make black student pay for a bad education as well as a bad experience. There are no protection in place for students of color.

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